Counseling Options

Preliminary Assessment and Consultation

consists of observation of the player in a competitive match environment and a written report identifying strengths and areas for improvement. This is followed by a meeting with both the student-athlete and parents to discuss the potential for success in college, the appropriate level (Division I, II, III, or NAIA), and possible institutions to be considered.
Cost: $495.

Extended Consultation

includes the same services as the Preliminary Assessment and Consultation, extended over the course of two seasons. A second report updates the initial evaluation, focusing on analysis of growth and improvement. An additional meeting with the student-athlete and parents centers upon the identification of specific colleges which would be viable options from both athletic and academic standpoints.
Cost $895.

Personal Mentoring

provides full access to and open communication with Richard Broad throughout the application process. This exclusive relationship involves concentration on the player’s on-field progress, development of an effective portfolio and educational goals, creation of a college list consistent with the student-athlete's capabilities, direct contact with college coaches when appropriate, review of the communication from coaches, and ongoing counseling and guidance.
Cost: 1 year $1,995; 2 years $2,995.


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